Ysera’s Dream Cards

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Ysera's Dream Cards

The Legendary Hearthstone card, Ysera, comes with the ability to draw a Dream Card at the end of your turn.  What are Dream Cards?  These are special cards that you cannot access unless you have Ysera on the board.   Ysera is one of the higher cost legendary cards that can be considered worthwhile.  Not only is Ysera a powerful minion in her own right, the cards provided through having her in play are strong cards for the mana cost.  Two of the dream cards even have a zero mana cost.

As of writing this, there are 5 dream cards in total – but we will continue to update this article as more cards, and information about the cards are discovered.


The Dream Cards consist of the following:

Dream: Return a minion to its owner’s hand.

Emerald Drake:  (4/7/6) – no special abilities, but a good amount of attack/hp at a good cost.

Laughing Sister (3/3/5): Can’t be targeted by Spells or Hero Powers.

Nightmare: Give a minion +5/+5. At the start of you next turn, destroy it

Ysera Awakens:  Deal 5 damage to all characters except Ysera

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