Guide to Hearthstone Quests and Gold Rewards

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Quest_rewardsHearthstone Quests and Gold Rewards

New players looking for information on how to earn gold in Hearthstone, or wondering how to get free decks of cards will find the following resource useful.  Hearthstone includes several achievements or quests  which have gold rewards, card rewards or Arcane Dust awards.  Arcane Dust can be used to create new cards.  Completing all of these quests you can end up with over 1,000 gold.

Quests with Gold rewards are colored in Orange

Quests with card rewards are colored in Blue

Quests which award Arcane Dust are colored in Green

  • Complete one game in the Play Mode:  Awards you 1 booster pack of cards.

  • Unlock every hero: Awards you 100 gold

  • Level up any class to 10:  Awards 1 booster pack of cards.

  • Win 100 games in either Play mode, Practice Mode or Arena: Awards you 300 gold.

  • Win 1,000 games in either Play mode, Practice Mode or Arena:  Awards you 300 gold.

  • Defeat all expert AI in the Practice Mode:  Awards you with 100 gold.

  • Disenchant a card:  Awards you 95 arcane dust on top of whatever the card disenchanted to.

  • Own every type of pirate card: Award:  Golden Captain’s Parrot

  • Own every Murloc card:  Awards you with the card Old Murk-eye

  • Make a real money purchase in the game (beta players only):  Awards you with a golden Gelbin Mekkatorque.

  • Collect every card in the basic set (earned by leveling all classes to 10): 100 gold.

  • Collect every card in the expert set:  Awards you with 100 gold.

Hearthstone Mastery
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